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"Woman in Red II"  *** "Death of a Linesman" *** "I know what you will do tomorrow" 

"Woman with a hose pipe" ***                                   



Woman In Red II is a bitter.sweet comedy about a young girl who is in love with her cell phone. One day she finds out, that it was not the cell phone who did send her rude texts, but her secret lover, who works for the CIA somewhere in the Swiss Alps. (Genre: Comedy)

Death of a linesman is an independent and low budget film by Raul Castro II. Of course its all about soccer. (Genre: Soccer)

I know what you will do tomorrow is a heart-stopping horror roller coaster. It is about a woman who re-appears after she died 100 years ago on a roller coaster to take a bitter sweet revenge at all roller coaster operators in the world. The final scene alone is worth to see the whole movie: a breathtaking chase of two old roller coasters (Genre: Horror) (Part two is also in prearation: "I knew what you did tomorrow").

Woman with a hose pipe is a psycho thriller by the Swiss-Italian director Luigi Pisabene. A strong-minded and independent woman finds a long piece of plastic pipe in Lake Constance. Three secret services (Lake Constance is part German, part Swiss, part Austrian) fight to the bitter end. Can the woman defend the pipe? Will the Austrians, the Swiss or the Germans steal it to dominate the world? Lovely twist at the end, when Liechtenstein gets involved. (Genre: Psycho Thriller)

Roland Emmerichs: Nosferatu vs. Godzilla. One of Godzillas babies has survived in the rat holes of New York city and calls a friend from Europe: Yes, it is Nosferatu! Nossy (named by the young, dynamic and unmarried US-president who loves to play baseball and fly fighter jets in his spare time) kills one innocent US citizen after the other (the good guys). On Monday afternoon, the president has finally enough and demolishes the White House. Now Godzilla gets angry and we see a 120 minute show down with millions of special effects. 

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