Publishing company: Edition Grunzwasser (C & P)
chief editor: "Chief Editor" 
chief of staff: Frerich Ättntättä

HOBO BABAPI presents


Chief Editor alias "A man from behind"

Chief "Editor" was born on an Amazon steamboat during the journey from Belem to Manaus (of course his parents were on board... or at least his mother!). A nearby tribe of Indians kidnapped the boy and he was groomed to become the chieftain. At the age of 5 he could already read and write and published the village news "We are the good ones". Soon his name was established and known all along the Amazon: Chief Editor. He disappeared for several years, before he came back to Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay) to revolutionize journalism and to tell Tinseltown "No, Sir!" And he always adds: "I am a straight forward guy" 
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